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Essential oils to help aid your sleep

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Lack of sleep or indeed insomnia is a real problem for many of us.  While I don’t class my previous lack of sleep as insomnia, it can lead to this and have a very significant impact on our health if we don’t get enough sleep. 

While some people may opt for prescription medication or over the counter sleep remedies, there are a number of essential oils that can help aid sleep.  These range from lavender to bergamont, there are essential oils for all that will help you drift off to sleep in no time at all.

Before I go in to detail about the different types of essential oils to help aid your sleep, I want to share with you the reason why insomnia is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Why Is Insomnia a Problem?

I don’t know about you bt when I haven’t had enough sleep I find it hard to function.  I am irritable and my concentration is low.  Sleep experts suggest that chronic insomnia can be a symptom of an underlying problem of sleep apnea which can lead to issues such as depression, poor decision making, high blood pressure, stress, as well as a poor immune system.  That’s why treating sleep problems is something we should all do as soon as they start.

How will essential oils help you aid sleep?

Quite simply essential oils help aid sleep as they promote relaxation.  I don’t know about you but when I have a relaxing bath with lavender I’m ready to drift off to sleep in no time at all.  The most wonderful thing about essential oils is that they are a beautiful smell that also enhance your sleep experience too. 

I have talked about having a bedtime routine in my previous post and I highly recommend you make using essential oils a part of your routine, like all things that become a habit, if you make the scent part of your bedtime routine you can train your mind to associate that particular smell with falling asleep!  How cool is that? 

Using essential oils is something I am passionate about as it doesn’t have the same side effects as using medication.  In fact it doesn’t give you the awful tiredness that I did feel after using sleep medication.  It seemed to make me sleepy during the day too!  

For me, the best essential oils to use will calm your mind, help reduce your stress and get your ready for a great night’s sleep.  

How to use essential oils for sleep

You can use essential oils for sleep in many ways but the most common ways I have used have included: 

  • Diluting the essential oil with an air diffuser you can use in the bedroom
  • Massaging a small drop or two on my neck and sometimes my forehead 
  • Putting a few drops on a tissue and putting it under my pillow case 
  • A hot bath before bedtime using the oil as well as epsom salts 
  • Creating a spray of oil and water to spray in the bedroom 
  • Adding a few drops to a bowl of boiling water, then sitting with my face over the bowl and a towel over your head this is also known as facial steaming but this is great if you suffer from nasal congestion as it clears the congestion up and allows you to sleep better!

Best Essential Oils to aid sleep

Lavender:  by far my favorite essential oil for sleep is lavender.  I tried my best to grow it one year but failed miserably but that’s ok because I can still get it in oil and dried form!

There has been so many studies conducted that have revealed that lavender does indeed have calming effects.  Lavender calms your nervous system by lowering your blood pressure as well as lowering your heart rate and the temperature of your skin.  This gets your body ready for sleep.

I have also used lavender as a well of reducing anxiety which is sometimes a problem if you are trying to get off to sleep.  It’s not just me saying this, again there are studies to show that hospital patients who used lavender were in a more relaxed state and able to improve the quality of their sleep. I’ve linked to one of the best Lavender’s on the market, if you’d like to purchase you can do so here

Bergamot:   another one of my favorites.  It has a critrus smell and has a calming effect.  It also has the potential to slow your heart rate and blood pressure again putting your body in to the sleep mode.  It is also a great oil to help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.  If you would like to give Bergamot a go, you can purchase it here

Ylang Ylang:  is another fruity smelling oil but goodness it smells wonderful.  It comes from Southeast Asia.  It is best known for reducing your blood pressure and giving your body that all over calming effect.  I have a wonderful shower gel with Ylang Ylang in it and it is so wonderful when washing in this wonderful smell. To try it for yourself you can find it here

Other things to help aid sleep

There are other natural aids to help you sleep including teas.  Below I have listed some that you can drink an hour before bed that will help you unwind and sleep.

  • Chamomile – Wow I have say this really does knock me out on occasions.  It is a great remedy for helping if you have sleep problems.  As with most teas you are better having this an hour before you go o bed as you don’t want to waken up at night needing the bathroom!  
  • Valerian Root – Not that nice for tea but some people recommend taking valerian root capsules. Valerian is a natural sedative and can certainly help aid sleep.
  • Lemon Balm – In contrast to valerian, lemon balm really does taste very good and makes a lemony hot drink. Like chamomile, drinking a cup in the evenings may help aid sleep. You could mix it with chamomile tea as well for an extra help in getting some sleep

These are just some of the essential oils that can help you aid sleep.  I’ve also given you some ideas regarding tea which can also help you sleep.  

Happy dreaming. 

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essential oils to help aid sleep
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