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15 Natural Foods to Help with Insomnia

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Did you know there are certain foods that contain naturally occurring sleep inducing substances? I wanted to share with you my top ones that I have tried and have made a difference. Of course you may need to try a few of these to find the best ones for you. Ones that will help you settle down for a really good quality sleep.

Before getting on to the foods I wanted to share with you why these foods help if you have insomnia. There are certain vitamins and minerals contained in foods that help aid sleep and they are tryptophan, magnesium, calcium and B6. Some of these can help your body produce melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Melatonin production occurs naturally in the body and increases at night to help you sleep. In the morning your body produces less melatonin so you are ready to get up and get on with your day.

The foods below contain some of the vitamins and minerals I have mentioned above. I do hope you find help with these and you have a successful night of quality sleep.

walnuts help you sleep

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I love Walnuts, either on their own or mixed with beans on toast! Honestly they are delicious. Anyway, walnuts contain tryptophan which is a sleep-enhancing amino acid. What this does is increase your serotonin and melatonin levels in the body that helps you sleep. Research has shown them to help you fall asleep faster. Why not give them a go, you can buy Walnuts here.

almonds help you sleep


Another of my faves! Think there is a theme going on here! Scientists found that when magnesium levels are low in our bodies it makes it ard to stay asleep, well almonds are rich in magnesium so snacking on them is thought to be beneficial. You can get your hands on Almonds here.

honey helps you sleep


Personally I always have honey in the house. From using it on my porridge, taking a spoonful for my sore throat to putting in my coffee to sweeten it. It also can help you sleep too! Add a drop to warm milk or herbal tea before bed time and it will help relax you. It really does have the most calming effect. Get yours here.

herbal tea helps you sleep

Chamomile Tea

We are never without Chamomile tea in the house. In fact my husband also takes it before going to bed. For me this is the tried and tested method that works for a lot of people. It is especially helpful if you have a racing mind that won’t calm down. The herb has calming effects which will have you drifting off in no time at all. Give it a go here.

cheerry juice helps you sleep

Cherry Juice

A glass of cold cherry juice always goes down a treat in our house. Little did we know that research has found that cherries boost your melatonin levels which are your sleep hormones. People who drink cherry juice improved their insomnia. What a find! Get your cherry juice here.

bananas help you sleep


Bananas are so easy to eat, they are also a fruit that our boys find easy to eat too! I’m delighted to share with you that bananas are also good for helping you sleep. Bananas are high in potassium, potassium helps us all achieve deep sleep. Not only that but they are also rich in tryptophan and magnesium which are also good at helping you get to sleep and staying asleep. I often reach for a banana and have to say it certainly does help me get a better night’s sleep.

passion fruit tea helps you sleep

Passionfruit Tea

Another favorite drink of mine. Passionfruit tea contains Harman alkaloids which researchers have found make you feel tired. Taking it one hour before bed is the best time for taking this delicious tea. Buy Passionfruit tea here.

hot milk helps you sleep

Hot Milk

Oh my a warm glass of milk with a spoonful of honey is just what winter nights were made for! I love it. Milk is a natural source of tryptophan which is sleep-enducing. It is a lovely drink to have before bedtime to help you sleep and dream some lovely dreams.

leafy green vegetables help you sleep

Leafy Greens

Thank goodness we have never had any problems with our boys eating their green vegetable! Although often I have issue but eat them knowing they are good for me. Another reason to eat leafy green vegetables isthat they are high in calcium which is important to produce sleep hormones. I have to say my favorite way of eating the likes of kale is to make chips from them either in a dehydrator or in the oven. Sprinkle a little salt on them and yum yum!

lettuce helps you sleep


It’s so much easier eating lettuce in the summer which is great because it contains lactucarium which is thought to have sedative properties making you feel sleepy. I love having salad in summer which is great that it helps me sleep too. Although I must remember not to have it too early!

jasmine rice helps you sleep


There is nothing more I love than sitting down to a Chinese or Indian meal. Having rice with it – especially Jasmine rice is just the thing to help you sleep. In research it was found people who ate rice fell asleep a faster than those who ate other types of rice. This is really good news for all of us. Buy your Jasmine rice here.

chicken and turkey hlep you sleep

Chicken & Turkey

Both contain tryptophan which is naturally occurring in all poultry. That’s a great hing as we love both in our house! If you are looking for a bedtime snack this is probably a good option for you. I know there’s nothing like a turkey sandwich will all the trimmings!

eggs help you sleep


I don’t know what we would do without eggs in our house. From scrambled for breakfast to an omelette in the evenings. they are so good for us but also a great source of tryptophan, one of my favorite sleep-inducing foods.

grapes help you sleep


While we may love to sip on a glass of Merlot, Sangiovese, or Cabernet, it is the grapes in these wines that contain high levels of melatonin. Check out your local grape varieties and see if they are melatonin producing ones and start nibbling!

yogurt helps you sleep


I love having yogurt for breakfast and that is great because it contains calcium which is needed for processing both trytophan and melatonin both sleep-inducing. Opt for a small bowl after your dinner with some almonds and you have a great cocktail of sleep power right there!

chickpeas help you sleep


Another favorite in our household especially in bean stews. However did you know that they have been proven to help you eat less? not only that they are high in vitamin B6 which I explained at the start that is important in helping your body to produce serotinin, the feel-good hormone that helps you relax and rest.

Are there any other foods you can think of to help you sleep? I’d love to hear.

Happy dreaming.

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natural foods to help with insomnia
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