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Sleep mask benefits for aiding sleep

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Sleep mask benefits are numerous. In the winter I don’t seem to have a problem getting to sleep.  In fact I find it very hard getting up when the winter brings us dark mornings too.  However, in the spring and indeed summer it’s hard to stay asleep with the sunrise coming through curtains.  I know you can opt for black out curtains but you may not want to change your decor.

The other option is to uses eye masks.  The whole point of using them is to block out light that will allow your body to remain asleep, the dark helps your body to produce melatonin which is the sleepy hormone.  

Eye masks are also known as sleep masks and you can purchase them very easily with the click of a few buttons.  They are made from different fabrics that you place over your eyes, they normally have elastic attached to keep them firmly in place to keep the light away from your eyes.  They are comfortable to wear and you wouldn’t know you have them on.  

Sleep mask benefits: Does an eye mask help you sleep better?

Yes they do!  Sleep masks benefits also a cost effective tool that can help with a sleep problem and have you getting the night’s sleep you need in no time at all.

The most wonderful thing about the sleep mask or eye mask is that it is one of the simplest things that have been developed and one of the most effective solutions too.  

how to have a great night sleep with these eye masks from Amazon. The whole point of using them is to block out light that will allow your body to remain asleep, the dark helps your body to produce melatonin which is the sleepy hormone.  #sleep #sleeping #eyemasks

Another sleep mask benefit includes the need for us to see darkness to give us a good night’s sleep.  It’s the reason there is so much advice out there that tells us to not use our screens during bedtime as the light gives our body the idea it’s daytime when indeed it’s night.  So using eye masks will help our body produce more of the sleepy hormone melatonin to increase your chances of falling asleep fast and staying asleep.  Indeed eye masks can be very beneficial to those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day.

Sleep mask benefits: What is the best eye mask for sleeping?

There are many masks out there but it gets a lot easier when you ask yourself some basic questions.  The first is what do you want to use the mask for?  Is it for when you are at home or travelling?  Or indeed do you need it if you are sleeping in a hotel or an Airbnb  when on holiday?  Or do you work nights and need it for sleeping during the day?  You could also use it for relaxing or meditative purposes.  Asking these simple questions will help you decide on the right mask for you.  

Below I have listed some of the most popular eye masks that are on Amazon and get great reviews.  I have used a few of these and will note which ones I can recommend too.  

The decision for you once you establish what you want the eye mask for you can also think about your budget too, the ones I have recommended are very cost effective.  

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Comfortable sleep masks for blocking out light

What we want the sleep mask to do is to block out 100% of the light however it can be hit or miss depending on the mask so you may need to try a few to achieve this.  The reason being is that each face is unique so we don’t want any light creeping through the side.  

Let’s get in to the sleep masks…

Alaska Bear Eye Mask

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask: One of my favorites, the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask is lightweight and comfortable.  For me it shuts out a lot of light even if it’s very bright.  It feels beautiful as it’s a soft and breathable Mulberry silk.  It feels so soft on your skin and I can easily wear it all night with no issues whatsoever.  The straps are elastic and can be adjustable to fit the size of your head.  When I get up the next morning it doesn’t seem to tangle my hair either which is a major bonus for me! 

I have taken this one on holiday with me as it’s so light and small it fits in to your suitcase no problem without being bulky.  Overall I highly recommend the Alaska Bear as it’s very effective without breaking the bank. 

Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep mask

The Bedtime bliss contoured sleep mask: Looks very sci-fi to me but it is a contoured sleep mask that has been created to allow for plenty of space between the mask itself and your eyes so that the fabric doesn’t squash either and allows you to blink freely without feeling anything pressing down on your eye lids.  

As with the Alaska Bear Mask the straps are adjustable and won’t annoy you when you use it.  I have shoulder length hair and it didn’t seem to mess it up as some elastic would do.  I also didn’t realise that the mask was there after wearing it for a while. This is one of the most positive aspects of this mask for me. 

The Alaska Bear Mask blocks out light very well indeed but you may find you need to adjust it slightly to make the best use of it. 

On the whole the Alaska Bear Mask does a fantastic job for a contoured eye mask.  It comes with a carrying case so you can take it on holidays with you plus you also get a set of earplugs too which are essential if you are on holiday.  

If you like contoured sleep masks I highly recommend this one.  

Jersey Slumber Eye mask

Jersey Slumber Eye Mask: What I love about this eye mask is the silk feeling!  It is so soft to touch and so kind on your skin when wearing it.  It is gentle on our eyes and you don’t even realise you are wearing it.  Having it on all night is easy.  

The Jersey Slumber Eye Mask is wide and long enough to ensure it blocks out the light without any problems.  There is an easily adjustable slider strap again which doesn’t tangle your hair at all.  I often sleep on my side so this is a huge plus as it doesn’t seem to move around when I do at night!

This is a lovely eye mask which does all what you want it to do.  It’s also a great one to take on the plane with you as it’s easy to carry in your hand luggage.  

Imak Ergobeads Eye Mask

The Imak Ergobeads eye mask:  An eye mask with a difference, as well as blocking out light it provides acupressure and it can cool your eyes too.  

The exterior fabric is made from lycra.  The mask is slightly heavier than the others mentioned above but not so much so that it would be uncomfortable.  What is truly unique about the Imak eye mask is the ergo beads which are built in to the mask.  It has been designed to provide pain relief or indeed relaxation due to the massaging pressure you get from the beads on your face.  You can also leave the eye mask in the fridge or freezer for a bit if you have a sore head and then use the mask which keeps your face cool for about 30 minutes.  It’s great if you have a headache.  

As this eye mask is heavier than most it stays close to your face and blocks out the light totally.  It contours to your face with no problem at all and again allows for you to move your eyes and not feel as if  your eyelashes are getting squashed.  

I would have to say the combination of blocking out the light, the option to have it cool and the acupressure provided by the beads means the Imak eye mask is more than just something to use when you are trying to sleep, it is also to help you relax but also if you are in pain from headaches.  

Dream Essentials Sleep Mask

The Dream Essentials sleep mask looks like something you would wear to a ball with fancy dress!  It is odd as it has the deepest eye and nose spacing I have seen.  This allows for your eyes and of course your eye lashes to move about freely.

I did like the feel of the Dream Essentials sleep mask as it is made from cotton and has foam inside that allows it to keep its shape. 

The strap is another slider type which is very easy to use and doesn’t intervere with your hair at all but yet allows for a tight fit.  They also provide you with a great pair of earplugs. 

Overall The Dream Essentials eye mask is a good choice but I have to say the foam and firm structure put me off slightly.  It doesn’t look as neat and tidy as others and it is a lot more bulky to transport.  Having said that it does the job it was designed to do by blocking out the light. 

So there you have it, my favorite eye masks to help me sleep.  I do hope you find one that you like and can help you sleep whether you find it hard to get to sleep or you need to sleep during the day.

Happy dreaming. 

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