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How to use a bed wedge pillow for sleeping

bed wedge pillow
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A bed wedge or a bed wedge pillow is a great invention! There are so many uses for the bed wedge pillow from helping you to relieve indigestion, heartburn or indeed helping raise you up to prevent snoring. I use it for the snoring part! My husband has had to put up with me snoring for so long that I opted for purchase a bed wedge to raise my head up so I wouldn’t snore. It really has helped as I haven’t heard him complain since I started to use it!

There are a lot of bed wedge pillows on the market, the one which I purchased was this bed wedge pillow from Amazon which was extremely well priced and does the trick for me.

Bed wedge pillow: Support for sitting upright in bed

bed wedge pillow sitting upright
Thank you to my son for demonstrating the upright position here!

Although not so much for sleeping, you can use your bed wedge pillow for sitting upright in bed without hurting your back. You place the wide part of your bed wedge pillow on your mattress and against your headboard. Sitting upright you can read, watch your favourite film on your tablet. The bed wedge pillow really is great for giving you support but also you will feel much more comfortable. I couldn’t do without mine now. Even if I want a little time just reading during the weekend, I use the bed wedge pillow as it puts me in the correct posture for sitting and reading.

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Raising your head while sleeping on your side

bed wedge pillow side sleeping

One of the reasons I choose a bed wedge pillow as to raise myself up while sleeping to take the pressure of my airway as I was snoring so loudly there were times when I woke myself! My husband has been suffering so much with my snoring and since getting the bed wedge it has eased considerably. The good thing about the bed wedge pillow is you can sleep on your side if you are a side sleeper. I’ve found that by giving my upper body some height during sleep it takes pressure of my snoring symptoms. My husband sometime uses a bed wedge pillow too if he has indigestion. He says that it works great for him as it keeps the acid from reaching his throat and causing discomfort.

Raising your head while sleeping on your back

bed edge pillow back sleeping

Back sleepers can also use a bed wedge pillow to sleep on an inline. I don’t know about you but I sleep in different positions, both side and on my back. No matter what position the bed wedge pillow helps me control my snoring. Although I am concerned that I have sleep apnea as there are times when I let out a large snort rather than snore. In any case, the bed wedge pillow really does help me stay soundly asleep and no-one is kept awake by snoring or snorting any more. I really like the support of the bed wedge pillow when sleeping on my back as it offers great support for my neck and shoulders.

Raising your knees

bed wedge pillow raising knees
Again y son kindly demonstrating the knee support offered by the bed wedge pillow!

If you suffer from circulation problems in your legs, you can also use the bed wedge pillow. It also helps if you have sore muscles or swollen feet. This can happen a lot during pregnancy so using a bed wedge pillow might be the thing for you!

Lap table

bed wedge pillow lap table

Not related to sleep, you can use the bed wedge pillow as a lap table or lap rest. This is really useful if you need some peace and quite to write – I sometimes end up like this when the other rooms are being used and ithe noise is distracting so having the wedge certainly ensures I can type at a comfortable angle which allows my wrists to relax.

Since getting my bed wedge pillow I have found so many uses for it. I love that a simple thing such as this can be used in multiple ways. At such an affordable price you really do get value for money. Are there any other uses for a bed wedge pillow you can think of?

Happy dreaming.

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