sleeping tips to stop snoring & where to buy snoring aids

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Ok I admit that I am amount the 45% of adults who snore!  What worries me about my snoring is that it keeps my husband awake and from getting a good night’s sleep.  I can be a real problem as there are times that it seems to get worse.  

Not only do I think my snoring is a nuisance my poor husband does too when he can’t get back to sleep.  Indeed there are some people who not only snore but suffer from ob structure sleep apnea which is when your breathing is disrupted during sleep for short periods of time. 

Below I want to share with your some sleep tips to stop snoring and ones that I have found have worked for me.

1. Change Your Sleep Position.

For my lying on my back increases my snoring.  This is because lying on your back enables the base of your tongue to collapse to the back of your throat and it is this that causes a vibrating sound when you breath.  If you sleep on your side it may help. 

I often though end up on my back again so I highly recommend a full length body pillow which helps you to stay sleeping on your side.  You won’t end up on your back.  The pillow I would highly recommend an be found on Amazon, it’s this body pillow.  

Another way to force you to sleep on your side is the clothes peg technique.  basically you get a few clothes pegs and peg them to your pyjamas.  This forces you to sleep on your side as sleeping on your back would cause pain! 

What I often do as well is to use a wedge pillow to lift my head up.  This allows for the nasal airway passages to open up and can prevent snoring too.  I found these wedge pillows on Amazon if you would like to give them a go. 

2. Lose Weight.

If you know you started snoring when you put on weight then you may stop snoring if you lose weight.  The problem with putting on weight and snoring is that if it goes on around your neck and throat it squeezes the internal diameter and it makes it more likely to collapse at the back of your through which means you will be snoring. 

3. Avoid Alcohol.

Did you know that you are more likely to snore if you have had alcohol?  It was a new fact for me but apparently the alcohol relaxes the muscles at the back of your throat so you are more than likely going to snore and if you drink four or five hours before bed it makes it worse!  


4. Open Nasal Passages.

Snoring can often start in your nose so the idea is to keep your nasal passages open if they are narrowed due to having a cold or if you suffer from allergens.  What I have found helps is to have a hot bath in the evening and put a few drops of Olbas Oil. This helps keep your nasal passages clear.  You could also opt to put a few drops on your pillow but don’t put on your skin as it can burn you!

You could also rinse out your nasal passages with a salt-water solution with a Neti Pot

help with snoring
Don’t end up having to sleep on the sofa because of snoring, there is help!

5. Change Your Bed linen

Allergens in your bedroom and in your pillow may contribute to snoring as dust mites can accumulate in them.  If that is the case then change your bed linen on a regular basis. 

6. Drink water.

Your nose, throat and your body can become dehydrated so drinking pletny of water during the day will help keep you in good health and can help you to keep snoring at bay.  It is recommended you aim for around 11 cups of water a day.  How much water do you drink? 

Other options

Other options to try and buy are snoring strips or a mandibular advancement device.

Using the snoring strips are quite easy as they fix onto the outside of your nose and work by opening your nostrils wider. You can purchase them from Amazon very cheaply. 

Mandibular advancement devices are basically like gum shields. You wear them in your mouth at night.  The idea is that they will keep your jaw forwards and prevent you from snoring.  You can buy them at Amazon as well.  

I would highly recommend you try Amazon for most of your sleeping aids as when I often compare prices they come out the cheapest.  

I hope the above helps you in your quest to stop snoring or to have your partner stop snoring.

Happy dreaming.

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tips to stop snoring and where to buy snoring aids to help
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