How to stop snoring: Tips to help you get sleep

tips on how to sleep with a snorer
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How to stop snoring is something that is of great concern to me. Ok I’m writing this post not as someone who sleeps with a snorer but someone who IS the snorer!  My husband has a lot to put up with especially if he finds it hard to sleep himself, my snoring makes it even more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. 

The hints and tips below are ways that my husband has found to stop me snoring and to get a good night’s sleep. So I’m hoping they will help you deal with a snoring partner too!

The pillow tilt to help you stop snoring

This  does sound weird doesn’t it? Body position makes all the difference for the snorer.  Most snoring occurs when you are on your back and your tongue falls to the back of your throat which then blocks the airway.

My husband has informed me that the best method he has found on how to stop snoring on my behalf. He uses what he calls the pillow tilt.  He places his had under the side of my pillow and tilts it every so slightly.  This causes me to turn onto my side. My husband is wonderful because he says it’s about getting me to turn round without waking me up and disrupting my sleep.  How lovely is that?  I must sense the pillow move because I do turn round and don’t even remember doing it. 

My husband says this has a very high success rate, however it does mean that I have already wakened him but it seems that the pillow trick is working. Although he has said that it would be a bad night if he has to place a hand on my should to waken me to stop snoring!

Go to bed before your snoring partner

Heading to bed for your partner is another idea you could try.  It also means you are not lying awake waiting for the snoring to start.  Indeed you may well be fast sleep and not even notice the snoring.

This is a popular trick in our household too and seems to work although only when my husband is tired, otherwise he will be lying awake when I come in and start to feel anxious if he isn’t asleep before me.

stop snoring
You don’t want to end up feeling terrified when all you want to do is sleep!

Lifestyle choices

Did you know that lifestyle choices can  impact on your snoring?  For example smoking can irritate the lining of your nose and throat causing an increase in catarrh which in turn increases the likelihood of snoring.

Another factor could be alcohol which while may help you drift off to the land of nod, will give you a very restless sleep which also increases irritation in the airway and can lead to snoring.  

Eating too much before bed is another factor as this can lead to increased fat around the neck causing the airway to block when your neck relaxes at night time.

You could help your partner by asking them to have their last cigarette or last drink of alcohol at least four hours before bed time.  Overeating is related to diet and exercise which is probably something that would need to be tackled too. 

The clothes peg trick

Ok I have never used this trick but friends seem to swear by it.  As mentioned above the snorer often makes the most noise on their back.  To stop the snorer sleeping on their back you can clip a clothes peg to the back of their pyjamas.  This makes it uncomfortable for them to lie on their back so it is much more likely to stop the snoring.

My husband may be tempted by this one if I start snoring again!

The right atmosphere

Setting the scene and making sure the room is adequate for a good night sleep is very important.  Our bodies often get ready to sleep by reducing temperature.  So staying cool is very important. 

If you get the temperature right it will make for a good night’s sleep as will using the likes of essential oils such as lavender.  These will help you both drift off to sleep quickly.


If you have a partner who is in denial that they are a snorer ask them if it’s ok to record their snoring?  I think communication is really key to getting to a place for you can both work on dealing with the snoring problem.

I have to say that I was in denial about my snoring but once I realised it was having an impact upon my husband’s ability to sleep I wanted to do something about it. Working together to fix it has been so helpful to us both. 

stop snoring
With a little knowledge you can get a restful night’s sleep!

Anti snore devices

I can highly recommend the anti-snore pillow.  Although it is more of a wedge that keeps you more upright than you would normally be in bed.  It keeps your airways clear so your tongue doesn’t fall to the back of your throat.  

These pillows are great for helping to keep the correct posture neededto stop snoring as well as supporting  your back.  

Another option are the many anti-snore mouth pieces on the market now.  I particularly like this one which is easy to use.  You may also want to visit you dentist to make you a bespoke one.

Ear plugs

You could make the decision to wear ear plugs to drone out the noise.  If you opt for a high quality pair they should keep the noise at bay rather than the ones that would only muffle the sound.  For example the foam ones are useless according to my husband but we can recommend these noise cancelling ear plugs here. 

The health consequences of sleep deprivation for anyone can have a devastating impact on our health.  Not just sleep deprivation but the quality of sleep too.  I have to say that when my children were younger and they weren’t sleeping very much I suffered health problems and mental conditions due to lack of sleep. 

While some may laugh about snoring, it can have a huge impact on us. While snoring cannot be stopped just by saying I’m not going to snore, it can be controlled but it takes both partners to work at it.  It also does mean using products such as anti-snoring devices to help ease the symptoms.  It is also about taking control of the situation and finding the right solution for you and your partner.  

I hope these hints, tips and products help you on a road to quality sleep.

Happy dreaming.

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tips to help you cope with a snorer
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